Datalink Systems International Inc. has twenty plus years of software development experience. Our team has risen to the challenge of quickly developing apps that will help protect some segments of society against being infected by COVID-19. Datalink's TooClose Android app will provide physical distance monitoring and temperature monitoring. The system records employee proximity and stores that in a remote SQL database providing long-term CONFIDENTIAL contact tracing.

A body temperature sensing wristband monitors a worker’s temperature every five minutes with immediate CONFIDENTIAL alerts to management when it increases to a pre-set alarm threshold.


Monitor Health

A body temperature wristband allows almost real time monitoring of workers body temperature. Temperature is automatically scanned every 5 minutes and recorded in a database. Any rise in temperature causes an alert to be sent to management allowing the worker to be isolated quickly.


Temperature Sense

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting retail outlets, food harvest, industrial production, and meat processing on a global basis, it is critical that all employees and plant workers respect the two metre rule to avoid contaminating others. In the everyday environment it is very easy to overlook that rule and almost rub shoulders with others, resulting in the fast spread of the virus and the temporary shut down of services.

The TooClose wristband body temperature sensor continuously monitors the worker’s temperature and updates the remote database every five minutes. Any rise in temperature exceeding a preset threshold creates an email alert to managemnet personnel assigned to monitor employees’ health. This allows the employee to be isolated quickly. Proximity location data can then be used to identify other employees who may have come into contact with the employee whose temperature is elevated.

TooClose Technical Details

TooClose, developed by Datalink Systems International Inc., is cloud based and simple to setup and operate.

TooClose comes as a preprogrammed kit comprised of an Android smartphone and a wristband with a body temperature sensor that links to the smartphone over Bluetooth LE. The smartphone is linked to the TooClose cloud based server hub and connected to an SQL database. The database stores all the data for each employee. Local programming is required to link each kit to a specific employee, typically using the employee ID number.

In Operation

TooClose monitors body temperature every five minutes and transmits the reading to the database for each employee attached to your company. When the current body temperature exceeds the past few days average temperature by 1 degree Farenheit, an alert is sent by email to one or more managers tasked with COVID-19 monitoring of staff. The manager either continues to monitor the situation or possibly takes action such as isolating the employee until further tests can be conducted. Proximity location can be utilized to isolate other employees who may have come in contact with the employee in question.

Managers with password credentials use the TooClose WebGate screen to review all records. Ensuring identification of other employees who have been in close contact with an infected employee over the previous two weeks.

TooClose employee records can be segregated by divisions and personnel can be grouped by department. Each department administrator sees and communicates with only their own personnel records. Senior management can be granted access to view all records.



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